Five Lies That Could Be Ruining Your Career (and your Life)

Theresa Sullivan | Conservation Careers

We humans are really great at telling ourselves stories. That voice we hear in our head recites some pretty interesting narratives so often and so frequently that we really start believing them after awhile. These stories we keep thinking turn into our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world in general. They actually create our reality. The thing is, they only create our own reality, and there are as many different realities in this world as there are human beings. And that’s good, because it means the reality we live in isn’t already fixed – our thoughts have the power to change it every minute of our lives. Continue reading Five Lies That Could Be Ruining Your Career (and your Life)

LinkedIn is Not the Ultimate Career Site, Twitter Is

Katherine Halek | Undercoverrecruiter

Twitter serves myriad purposes for millions of people. It’s provided space for brand campaigns, event organizations, personal rants, and every other attention-seeking tactic imaginable since 2006. Though many people use it for professional connections, some view it unprofessional at times — certainly not as “respectable” as LinkedIn for branding.

So what makes Twitter such a uniquely useful resource for job seekers (and posters)? Continue reading LinkedIn is Not the Ultimate Career Site, Twitter Is

What Age Will You Be Your Happiest?

“Can you guess?

When you ask people when they were the happiest, chances are they get nostalgic and reflect back to their childhood. After all, that’s when we were living free of all responsibilities — I mean really, bills? What the hell are those? Not to mention, other people were tending to our needs while our only “job” was to play, learn, then nap (all on repeat). But shockingly, data has proven popular opinion to be inaccurate, showing that our happiness tends to grow as we get older!

So at what age are we the happiest? Happify came up with an unexpected answer. Continue reading What Age Will You Be Your Happiest?

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