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A Midlife Man Talks About Finding Love and Great Sex After 50

Recently, a 51-year-old widower named Guy friended me on Facebook and sent me this message about his midlife sexual re-awakening. I was so moved by the tenderness of his story that I asked him if I could reprint it verbatim here. Luckily, he said yes.

I’m a 51-year-old only parent to 11 and 14-year-old girls. I lost my wife to a 3-year battle against breast cancer in early 2014. Of course the number one priority has been raising the children. As far as finding a feminine connection, I was unsure and just plain scared. While my wife was sick intimate contact did not happen. My confidence in being able to attract another love was shaky, to say the least. I thought that the sexual side of my life may have been a thing that had passed. Continue reading A Midlife Man Talks About Finding Love and Great Sex After 50

Sex and the Midlife Woman

New research finds surprises about how sexually active women are at this age

By Rita Rubin | Next Avenue

You’re probably familiar with the maxim that midlife women don’t like sex as much as they did in their younger days. You might even believe it.

But Dr. Holly Thomas would beg to differ. In a study published today, Thomas and her co-authors found that most sexually-active midlife women stay that way.

“I think there is a cultural bias,” says Thomas, a general internal medicine fellow in women’s health at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. “Culture tells us that this (sex) is something older women shouldn’t be interested in.” Continue reading Sex and the Midlife Woman

Help! I don’t desire my husband

By Rowan Pelling for the Daily Mail

QUESTION: When I moved in with my partner in my late 40s, I was drawn to his loving personality and the fact we had many shared interests. But I was never truly sexually attracted to him. Eight years on, I have no desire to have sex. He’s upset and baffled, but I don’t know how to remedy the situation. Help!

Continue reading Help! I don’t desire my husband