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What Age Will You Be Your Happiest?

“Can you guess?

When you ask people when they were the happiest, chances are they get nostalgic and reflect back to their childhood. After all, that’s when we were living free of all responsibilities — I mean really, bills? What the hell are those? Not to mention, other people were tending to our needs while our only “job” was to play, learn, then nap (all on repeat). But shockingly, data has proven popular opinion to be inaccurate, showing that our happiness tends to grow as we get older!

So at what age are we the happiest? Happify came up with an unexpected answer. Continue reading What Age Will You Be Your Happiest?

Why So Many of Us Experience a Midlife Crisis

Hannes Schwandt | Harvard Business Review

A mid-career crisis can happen to anyone. It can hit even those who objectively have the most fulfilling jobs. When it does, it inflicts pain on the individual suffering it and causes productivity losses for employers. Yet, the phenomenon remains stigmatized and under-researched, leaving crucial questions unanswered. What are the causes? Why does this malaise seem to strike in mid-life? And how can those who are stuck in its grips shake themselves loose? Continue reading Why So Many of Us Experience a Midlife Crisis

I Designed A Crazy Car At Cadillac That Split Into Two Motorcycles

Where Tron meets my impending midlife crisis

I’m just a simple man with a simple dream: Driving a boring old four-wheeled car with the family. Pressing a button. And splitting the vehicle into two badass motorcycles.

But unlike most men, I can abuse my powers of the press, and hijack designers at Cadillac (then later, Chipp Walters at Argodesign) to turn my idea into reality. Or at least, that was the plan. You’ll have to watch the video to see how things turned out.